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You may be wondering what coaching is all about. You might also have questions about my coaching style. In the words of a client: “As I was deciding whether or not to start a solo design practice, I hit the trail with Amy. I was struggling with issues of risk, confidence, and business focus. Amy listened actively and fully. Then, without trying to solve problems for me, she guided me to a place where I had greater clarity and peace of mind.”

This says a lot about coaches. We listen well and we don’t solve problems for clients. Rather, we work with them to achieve clarity, shift in perspective, confidence, and fulfillment. As an Associated Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, I utilize my coaching skills to elevate groop discussions and experiences. I first started out coaching individuals outside on trails, but have recently realized that my superpowers are best suited for facilitating group connections. (Think nature-based retreats, workshops, and other custom experiences.). I’m still offering personal coaching services to established clients as well. My coaching and group experiences are aimed at facilitating deeper connections (to nature, to each other) and assisting those who are committed to living their best lives. View my calendar page for upcoming retreats and workshops.

What Others are Saying


“Amy provides rich and meaningful growth opportunities for staff. She is adept at asking questions, sharing resources, and creating space for staff to learn more about their talents and strengths. My staff gained helpful ideas and tools to assist them in thinking about the future direction of their work and careers.”

–Karen Dreyer of Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (I’ve coached a number of stellar food bank employees)


“Amy’s ability to walk with me as a client – both literally and figuratively –  is truly an art form. She draws from nature’s powerful serenity to guide me on a path of self enlightenment, all while being mindful of trail conditions, timing, and the playful puppy charging right at us. Coaching with Amy is fun, deeply rewarding, and a nice exercise all in one!”

–Katie Hale, Pittsburgh


“Amy’s technique encourages self discovery and through this I was able to come to very important realizations about my strengths and abilities. This strategy is so effective because the lessons I learned stuck with me and really helped my self-efficacy. I cannot thank Amy enough for the time and support she provided.”

–Amber B., a Pittsburgh client with big plans for the future


“I don’t have that feeling of being stuck anymore because I know that we’re working toward something.”

–Thomas, a New Jersey business development manager


“For me, being coached by Amy meant being challenged on my motivations and goals in a way I would never have had the courage to examine on my own. Working with Amy was always a balance of her asking thoughtful questions that would challenge me and push me into that “good uncomfortable,” while her accepting and peaceful personality encouraged me through difficult questions. Several questions she asked me during coaching continue to guide me in my personal and professional life, and her support has pushed me to take some big steps in my career! I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to be coached by Amy.”

–An anonymous and inspiring client coached through the Coro Pittsburgh Women in Leadership program


Relevant Training

International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach

Duquesne University Professional Coach Certificate Program

Venture Outdoors Outdoor Leadership Training

First Aid, CPR, and AED certification (American Heart Association)


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