What are your three words for the year?

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In my coaching practice, I recently started asking clients to share their “three words for the year.” Specifically, the question is “What are three words that describe the year you’re having or hope to have?”

I picked this up from coach Andrea Sigetech, co-director of Duquesne University’s Professional Coach Certification Program, where I completed my coach training. She asks clients this as a way of taking stock at the start of a new year.

The question works any time of year, really. It’s funny how three simple words or phrases can get to the core of what a person wants.

Take this client’s three words, for example:






What a fantastic place to start in coaching! And what an honor it is to work with someone striving for a prosperous, magnificent, and carefree year.

Here are some others:








Getting out of the comfort zone








Adult responsibilities (the question arising from this is, “Do you really want that?”)

Invariably, clients choose to answer the latter part of my question, opting to share the year they hope to have rather than the year they’ve been having. This says a lot about those who seek out coaching and people who are poised for growth. They’re ready to move forward in designing their best lives.

I don’t think I can get away without sharing my own three words for the year, which are:




These three words – each of them among my personal values – have guided me through a year that’s been full of excitement, change, and growth. They’re like three little sound bytes that propel me forward. And by 2015, maybe three new words will serve me and what I want out of that time.

So what are your three words for the year?

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  1. Great job Amy! Thanks for the ‘my” three words for the year reflection.

  2. My three words for living forward this year – authentic, courageous, open
    Great blog post. Thanks.

  3. cycleforward

    And now the “words for the year” of my newest clients…

    Successful – fulfilling – calm & peaceful

    New house – husband (being the best one he can be) – vacation

    I hope you all are well into the year that you desire for yourselves!

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