Some year-end inspiration in videos

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I thought I’d end the year by sharing some of my favorite videos – ones that inspire me and perhaps will do the same for you. May you love fiercely, choose joy, and go outside to play this coming year!


1. Love Has No Labels PSA

This one never gets old!


2. Starling Murmuration on River Shannon

I can’t even imagine witnessing this. I’m holding out hope that one day I will.


3. The Important Places

This is the longest of the bunch, but it’s so well worth it.

(If you don’t watch to the 9 minute mark, you’re cheating yourself.) 


4. WireTap’s How to Age Gracefully

This one is cute and oh-so-relatable! So what’s your advice to your younger self?


5. Ohiopyle Over the Falls Video

I’ve watched this one so many times. They chose well using Florence and the Machine.

It really picks up about 2 minutes in. 

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