You have a great trail…

Let’s ensure it does the most good for your community.

We’re not asking enough of our trails.

And trail and community advocates aren’t always mindful of the Triple Bottom Line. They may approach trails for their economic potential, to enrich quality of life, or with conservation in mind. But rarely do our decision makers and trail proponents consider the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and Profit, giving equal weight and consideration to all three in their planning.

Enter Triangle Trails.

Triangle Trails is Cycle Forward’s framework to position communities and trail managers to leverage their trails for the greater good. It calls for a thoughtful inquiry in each realm of People, Planet, and Profit to ensure that we are stewarding sustainable and nourishing trails. It’s not a designation or seal of approval granted by an external body. Instead, it’s a conversation starter. A self-evaluation. A look in the mirror. A calling forth.


Triangle Trails Inquiry Process

Let’s be honest. Trails at their worst can harm the environment, feel exclusive, and not live up to the promise of economic benefit. Engaging in the Triangle Trails Inquiry Process affords participants the opportunity to openly and honestly consider how well their trails are addressing the Triple Bottom Line. The process is influenced by the Appreciative Inquiry and Asset-Based Community Development models. And it’s rooted in the belief that every trail and every community already have things that are working right. The Triangle Trails Inquiry Process includes:

  • Facilitated trail talks. This is not your typical trail talk. It’s a reflective, open process that goes below the surface. Depending on community needs, it may come in the form of a half-, full-, or multi-day workshop or a series of focus groups.
  • An evaluation tool and process that considers the trail’s possibility through the lens of People, Planet, and Profit

Success Planning

Our work together doesn’t have to end when the facilitated discussions conclude. Cycle Forward offers success planning which will enable you to convert the ideas shared during the inquiry process into achievable action items. In addition to a written plan (organized by People, Planet, and Profit), Cycle Forward implementation coaching is available in the first 12 months of the implementation phase.

2019 Feature in American Trails Magazine